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Full-time, Long-term
Washington, DC
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The Classification Specialist (Team Lead) is responsible for a range of classification and position management functions for a variety of occupations and grades in the General Schedule, other Federal classification systems that comply with Title 5 of the United States Code, or other appropriate authorities as identified by the Government.

  • Responsible for direct interaction with the COR and the Contracting Officer regarding overall contract quality and performance, including responsiveness, work product quality, reporting, and workload management;
  • Develops current, accurate, and relevant position descriptions (PD) based on requirements determined by Bureaus and Offices;
  • Evaluates draft classification documents, assesses adequate source material (e.g., PD text, evaluation statements, agency’s PD coversheet data element coding, FLSA checklist, etc.) as submitted agency supervisors and managers—or as identified needing updates or revisions —to assess whether adequate source material (e.g., manager-supplied PD text) is available to make supportable classification recommendations;
  • Document Classification Results - Develops classification documents, such as new or edited position description; new or edited evaluation statements as described regulatory standards;  agency PD Coversheet; FLSA checklist; and other documents that record classification recommendations;
  • Conducts classification and/or position management reviews, audits, and/or special projects;
  • Provide services without delegation of classification signature authority by delivering proposed classification documents (e.g., position description (PD) text, evaluation statement, agency PD Coversheet data element coding, FLSA checklist, etc.) in accordance with the requirements;
  • The Classification Specialist retaining signature authority may effectuate classification actions without substantive edits to the Contractor deliverables’ content or format. Although all classifications provided by the Contractor are recommendations, they shall be supported in research and fact, and shall be comprehensive and accurate to serve as valid actions with the Government’s acceptance and approval.
  • Must possess extensive knowledge at a senior level for the full range of Federal HR programs and experience integrating the various specialty areas. Such experience is typically acquired in positions such as HR Director or Deputy HR Director of a Federal agency;
  • Must be thoroughly familiar with the laws, statutes and regulations governing all aspects of Title 5 of the Code of Federal Regulations;
  • Possess excellent communications skills and be persuasive when defending positions;
  • A Bachelor’s degree and a minimum of ten (10) years of experience performing the foregoing functions;
  • An additional four years of directly related experience may be substituted for the Bachelor’s degree;
  • Former Federal supervisory experience (preferred)”.

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