Length of Assignment: 
Full-time, Long-term
Washington, DC
Closing Date: 
This Position: 

The Human Resources Assistant II is responsible for performing a full range of technical and administrative human resources management services relating to coding and processing personnel actions. 

  • Create position numbers and job codes, process personnel and payroll actions, including onboarding a new employee, pay incentives, special pays, benefits, awards and effectively resolve and correct processing errors;
  • Perform detailed research and review of historical appointment and resignation actions, accurately updating intervening actions and producing 002 corrections as needed;
  • Perform over- or under-payment calculations and coordinate with program area to communicate with individual employees;
  • Develop and implement a web-accessible PD library; including an appropriate indexing and retrieval taxonomy;
  • Convert existing paper PDs to electronic format;
  • Identify and retrieve, where possible, electronic copies of PDs; and establish a format and routine for capturing, maintaining, updating, and indexing PDs.
  • At least 2 years of experience performing similar work in the Federal government
  • Experience with scanning and converting documents to electronic format
  • Experience with MS Office (Word, Excel, Access) and Acrobat Reader
  • Experience with HR Connect, PeopleSoft, NFC and/or similar HRIS application
  • Experience coding personnel and payroll actions in the Federal government’s payroll system

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