Length of Assignment: 
Full-time, Long-term
Washington, DC
Closing Date: 
This Position: 

The Labor Relations Consultant is responsible for providing services to support a Federal Agency labor relations program, specifically, negotiation/arbitration, to Agency-head approval of a Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA).

  • Develop a research method and plan for identifying Agency managements’ overall position on CBA provisions;
  • Gather information and conduct research to identify management’s position on CBA provisions;  report findings;
  • Provide advice to Agency management on relevant strategies to achieve the Agency’s collective bargaining goals;
  • Develop and submit draft proposals and a report summarizing any associated research to Agency management, OGC and other relevant agency leadership;
  • Prepare for and support table negotiations for Ground Rules and to achieve a full term (multi-year) collective bargaining agreement;
  • Serve as lead in negotiations when Labor Relations Manager is absent;
  • Meet with a management bargaining team on strategic approaches during active table negotiations; and ensure final proposals developed and offered to the Union are in keeping with stated parameters;
  • Prepare status reports summarizing the negotiations;
  • Communicate with the Union, formally and informally, when conducting CBA negotiations.
  • Bachelor’s degree required;
  • Must have the ability to develop and submit a formal report summarizing the method of research for approval prior to implementation;
  • 10 years’ progressively responsible experience in labor relations and contract negotiation experience, in the public sector;
  • Working knowledge and experience in labor law and the processes and practices related to collective bargaining;

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