Length of Assignment: 
Part Time
Washington, DC
Closing Date: 
This Position: 

The Senior Classification Specialist will provide position classification support services reviewing position descriptions and providing written position evaluation reports.

Skills and Abilities: 
  • Strong organizational and time management skills;
  • Adept at reviewing position descriptions and determining information and  documentation that is missing or incomplete;
  • Proficient In reviewing position descriptions and recommending the proper pay plan, title, series, and grade of position;
  • Ability to multi-task, be flexible and adapt in a fast paced environment;
  • Produce quality work in short timeframes while meeting established deadlines;
  • Ability to stay on task and complete individual Classification Evaluations within 4-days of assignment;
  • Ability to identify (within 2 business days) any missing documents/information and/or portions of the work and requirements within the position description that need to be clarified in order to finalize the Classification Evaluation recommendation;
  • Strong communication skills; oral and written, clear, concise, and effective.
  • Experience providing written classification evaluations that meet OPM, DOD, and DON standards;
  • Extensive knowledge and familiarity using the OPM Position Classification Standards;
  • Experienced with written classification evaluations for Factors 1-7 (indicate how the factor meets the indicated level (correlating the duties to the factor); and how the factor level exceeds the lower and doesn't meet the higher);  
  • Experienced creating 2 evaluations for Supervisory PDs (using the 6 factors and using the 9 factors); 
  • Experienced with 2-grade interval PDs writing one complete evaluation at the full performance level and one Statement of Difference (SOD);
  • English language fluency;
  • Proficiency at the intermediate level with Microsoft Word and working with Acrobat PDFs.
  • Bachelor’s Degree plus 5 years of relevant work experience in Federal Classification support or equivalent field, a plus.

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