Length of Assignment: 
Full-time, Long-term
Washington, DC
Closing Date: 
This Position: 

The SES Program Manager is responsible for working with the Office Director/Deputy Director in providing an effective, efficient and high-quality human resources management program and service to the agency’s clients.

  • Serves as a senior staff specialist in the administration of the Department-wide personnel program for SES positions and senior positions outside the SES and Schedule C and presidential appointees;
  • Provides resource management, position management, classification, and staffing management services to agency’s components;
  • Manages and oversees the transition of political administrations within agency;
  • Coordinates personnel action processing and control for assigned positions;
  • Keeps abreast of changes in applicable laws, rules and regulations and policies in assigned areas such as staffing, classification, performance management, political transition, and pay administration in general;
  • Prepares regular and special ad-hoc reports, including recurring reports on the political appointees, SES allocation and other special "on-demand" reports required on political and executive employees.
  • Federal executive resources experience
  • Staffing, performance and position management experience;
  • Background in multiple areas of HR.

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