Times are changing... 

You have new challenges and old hurdles to overcome.  We have the experience, insight and team of industry professionals to work through your most complicated issues - with you - FYI offers creative solutions and mentors for your team, empowering your staff to overcome the most difficult organizational or technical issues that today and tomorrow can throw at you.

  • Decreasing budgets
  • Increasing risks
  • Rapidly evolving technologies
  • Shifting departments
  • Competition for top-notch staff
  • Ever-changing regulations

FYI professionals are carefully selected and mentored experts with extensive experience managing a wide range of assignments for Federal agencies. FYI selects subject matter experts (SMEs) who best qualify for the position as well as who best represent the interests and culture of its clients, along with the work values of FYI. FYI’s professionals are enthusiastic about their work, diligent about deadlines, and provide the highest quality services, products, and strategic counsel to complete all required deliverables.