Full Spectrum Information Technology Support

FYI offers a full spectrum of information technology support integrated with professional services. Through custom-tailored support services, clients get innovative, value-added, and process-driven solutions designed to achieve their unique business goals. FYI’s experienced and ready-to-go agile teams will fit seamlessly into your organization and provide value from day one. 

FYI Application Development Services

Agile IT delivery enables organizations to solve business challenges and to attain continuous business delivery. FYI’s Application Development Services include:

  • Agile Transformation Services
  • Application Development
  • Data Scientist & Analytics Services
  • Digital Services
  • Enterprise Applications and Middleware Services
  • Business Intelligence and Reporting Services 
  • Web Enterprise Services
  • Quality Assurance and Systems Management
  • Technical Training Services
  • IT Workforce Staffing Services

Digital Services

FYI’s collaborative Agile model allows our team to implement faster and respond quickly to market dynamics. FYI works with all levels of management, development teams, and stakeholders to meet expectations. Our digital services start with analyzing your current organizational IT structure and then propose new strategies to align IT to your business mission at a reduced operating cost. 

  • Digitally transform your technical solutions 
  • Replace rigid legacy systems with agile, powerful, and efficient technology 
  • Retool your business process, workplace culture, and user experiences 
  • Streamline your operation and bring more value to stakeholders

Data Analytics

Effective and competitive organizations need immediate access to data insights to be flexible and evolve as new challenges arise. FYI provides complete professional technical support for data analytics. We begin by getting a clear understanding of your total technical environment with our comprehensive IT evaluation. Working together, we deploy a solution that provides: 

  • Real-time data access and control 
  • Precision reporting for valuable insights 
  • Preventative maintenance to monitor systems and eliminate downtime 

FYI assists in the development of up-to-date data and design for the enrichment, validation, transfer, and loading of data while managing assimilations across applications and databases.

Technical Training Services

FYI collaborates with both Federal and commercial corporations, within many technical verticals, to incorporate and continually develop best practices and new strategies for agile IT training. Based on this knowledge, our trainers have delivered vast curricula of IT training to motivated learners across a broad spectrum of learning formats.

Our strength lies in our adaptive workforce professionals, combined with our expertise to provide organizations with customized, scalable training solutions and engaging learner experiences. Recruiting, qualifying, and deploying highly qualified professionals is at the core of what we do, and we have refined our process over our 30+ years in business.

FYI Technical Training Services include: 
  • Curriculum Development
  • Instructional Design
  • Technology
  • Soft Skills
  • Leadership Development
  • Human Resource Policies Compliance
  • Change Management
  • Custom and Proprietary
  • Certifications

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