Align Your Human Capital Plan with Your Agency’s Goals

FYI provides tailored solutions designed to meet today’s HR needs and address the challenges of tomorrow. FYI’s team of retired Federal executives are subject matter experts with the experience to make a quantifiable impact for your agency. By using proven practices, business acumen, and advisory skills, FYI is able to provide comprehensive HR consulting across all functional areas.

Your Strategic Workforce Planning Partner

FYI provides federal agencies with a reliable, flexible, fast, and efficient way to obtain solutions for complex human capital and training services. We can help your agency across the board with HR functions that include:

  • Policy Development 
  • Program Assessment & Evaluation 
  • Management Consulting 
  • Talent Management 
  • Workforce Analysis & Data Analytics 
  • Curriculum Development & Training 
  • Process Reengineering

Develop Your Human Capital Operating Plan (HCOP)

An effective human capital operating plan will improve workforce management, increase operational efficiencies, achieve cost savings, and improve customer satisfaction. HCOP created by FYI Consultants help leadership make faster and better-informed decisions, align organizational resources, improve servicing ratios, reduce/eliminate duplicative effort, and enhance quality, timelines and consistency of business operations.  We work hand-in-hand with stakeholders to ensure plans are sustainable and accomplish agency’s goals and objectives.  

Workforce & Succession Planning

Based on strategic alignment, workforce analysis, competency modeling, and gap analysis, FYI will compile and present specific strategies to address any leadership or workforce gaps. The plan will recommend strategies to reduce the impact of knowledge loss as employees retire or leave while maximizing current talent utilization by closing leadership and staffing competency gaps and deficiencies.

Talent Retention Management

FYI will help your agency create strategies for recruitment, retention, and training and development to help ensure the most efficient and effective path to accomplishing your objectives. We’ll assist in the development of short-and long-term strategies and investment in talent to create a quality workplace designed to attract, acquire, and retain quality talent. Types of assistance include:

  • Designing job announcements to attract the top candidates
  • Developing effective orientation programs
  • Building a culture focused on high performance
  • Designing career development plans
  • Developing effective mentoring programs
  • Implementing coaching programs
  • Designing easy to use performance management systems
  • Analyzing turnover factors

Communication Strategy

Continuous and clear communication of your agency’s mission, vision, and direction is key to becoming a high performing organization. FYI can help you clarify and build a clear roadmap of agency direction to secure employee commitment. FYI offers technical assistance with communication planning, communication tool development, and message distribution.

Ready to Create a Plan that Aligns with Your Goals?

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